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You can actually join the Winners Room for free. The only we thing required is to trade with the broker we are affiliated with and deposit at least €350. If you don’t want to join the broker for whatever reason you may have, you can pay a one-time fee of €397 to get lifetime access to the Winners Room.

Want to start for free? Send us a message on Telegram and set up your account!

Inside of the Winners Room you will receive 5-6 signals per day. These signals have an average win-ratio of 81% (calculated over the last 56 weeks). In addition, you get documents for you to get a better understanding of trading and a personal coach that is available 24/7 to assist you.

As a member of the Winners Room, you get access to other premium features as well, such as a free trading bot, weekly live webinars, analysis & breakdowns and premium assistance with funded trading.

Yes. The minimum amount to trade with is €350. You won’t use this all on one trade, but you need margin in order to follow all the trades. We do recommend to trade with €1000+ if you want to see better results.

No. The only two things you need are a mobile phone and a stable internet connection. On your phone you can download Telegram (to join the Winners Room) and MetaTrader 4 (to place the trades).

This totally depends on how much you risk per trade. On average we have a 1:8 monthly ratio, meaning if you risk 1% per trade, you make on average 8% per month. How much you risk depends on you as a person, but also on your balance. If you trade with a €500 balance, you can easily risk 5% per trade. This would result in an average profit of 40% per month. If you trade with a €100,000 account, you should not risk more than 1% per trade. This would result in an average profit of 8% per month.

  1. Choose whether you want to join for free or pay a one-time fee.

  2. Chose the free option? Send our helpdesk a message on Telegram and ask for the details of

    the broker. Set up an account there and deposit the amount you want to trade with. Once

    done, confirm with our helpdesk and they will onboard you.

  3. Chose the paid option? Send a screenshot of the payment to our helpdesk on Telegram and

    they will onboard you.

Yes, 100%. We always recommend to do your own research, but we have been trading with VantageMarkets for over 6 years and with PuPrime for over 4 years ourselves. We never had any problems. Also, we would not send our members to some scammy broker. Both brokers are regulated and licensed.

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