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Coaching traject

Step up your game and become a REAL trader! Never be dependent on any signals but find the winning set- ups yourself. In our coaching program we will teach you a proven profitable strategy.

Powerful Features

The coaching trajectory with a proven profitable strategy

Our coaching program will make you a profitable trader, guaranteed. Read all the features below!

Coaching calls
In total 10x coaching calls from 45 minutes each. The whole strategy will be covered and practiced together with one of our traders.
Lifetime support
You will be in direct contact with our traders and have the possibility to get assistance 24/7, as long as you need it.
We guarantee you that you will make the costs for the coaching traject back.
Don't wait and claim your spot!

FXTradingVision 1:1 coaching

Learn a proven profitable strategy
10x 1 hour coaching calls
Lifetime support with your personal coach
100% guaranteed of making your investment back
Only 5 spots available per month
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Enjoy the early birds action
Enjoy the early birds action


years of experience


active clients


Top Tier Traders

Who are our traders?

If we say our traders are TOP TIER, then just believe us. FXTradingVision was founded in 2021 and is till this day still ran by the same group of traders that started with trading back in early 2016. That means they all have over 7 years of experience in the forex markets.

In this time they've learnt and made a LOT. Now, they are sharing their knowledge and strategies with people that are 100% dedicated to create a better life for themselves. With the 1:1 coaching program you are going to learn a proven profitable strategy and even have the guarantee of making your investment back.

Strategy In Action

A proven profitable strategy

The strategy we are about to teach you is going to make you money. And if you are consistent enough, a LOT of money. Remember, it is all about consistency, patience and a good riskmanagement. You will be taught everything from A to Z.

Perfect risk management
Good risk/reward ratios
81% win-ratio on the trades

Like we said.. proven

Read a few of the 1:1 conversations with our clients

FAQ ♾️

The coaching program consists of 10x lessons from 45 minutes each. In these lessons you will get on a call with your personal coach. He will learn you step by step how the strategy works. During the lessons you will get homework to practice, so it is very important that these will be finished before the next call. You will also receive the personal contact details of the coach and you can ask any question you have to him.

Once you've bought the coaching program, you will get the contact to your personal coach. With him you can schedule your first call for an introduction and that marks the start of the program.

We are sure this will not be the case, but if this is the case you have the guarantee. We guarantee that you will make the investment of the program back, meaning the lessons will be extended until you do understand everything.

As we are confident everyone can learn and make money with this strategy, we guarantee you will make your investment back. Obviously, there are some conditions you need to meet for this.

1) Attend every single 1:1 lesson.
2) Never be too late to a lesson.
3) Finish all the homework in time.
4) Don't be lazy and think it will come by itself.

Especially that last one is very important. We will give you a complete blueprint on how you can become a fulltime day trader and live the (free & independent) life you always wanted but you need to be willing to put in the work to make this succeed. And if you do put in the work, we guarantee you will be able to live the lifestyle you dream of.

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